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Book Review #3: Did I Mention I Love You?

Hi there! I’ve just read Love You two days ago, and I totally have to update this post. My personal opinion will be full of criticism because of the main female character (I’m just advertising).did_i_mention_i_love_you

Fact Sheet:

Title: Did I Mention I Love You?.

Author: Estelle Maskame.

Genre: Romance.

Publisher: Cross Books (Spain).

1st Edition: January of 2016.

5th Edition: May of 2016.

Pages: 506.


Eden Munro, with sixteen years old travels from Portland to Los Angeles to enjoy her summer with her new dad’s family (her parents are divorces and now her father has a new brand family). She’s fed up and doesn’t have interest about meeting her three step-brothers, because she thinks it will be nuisance. But then, she meets the eldest stepbrother, Tyler Bruce, who is seventeen years, hateful, irritant, troublemaker and honestly attractive. The tension between them makes the coexistence difficult. But it had just started.

Personal Opinion:

To be honest, I can’t qualify this book as my favourite, but I still fell for it. It made me keep going, because I was wondering how the writer would end the book. As you can read in the synopsis, the relationship between Eden and Tyler is “impossible” (to be honest, I didn’t find the relationship impossible, but Eden thinks so), so you get stick to the reading. I don’t really have too much to tell about this book, just that Eden made me get stressed, I couldn’t stand her personality. About Tyler, the things he does at the begining makes you say “Are you crazy?”, but then you realize why he does it (eventhough it’s still crazy…). I’ve just bought the 2nd book, Need You, so when I finish it I’ll make a new review about it. I’m totally into DIMILY series, and about what I’ve heard the 3rd book, Miss You, is coming out (at least in Spain) on October 25th…

Favourite quotes:

“A sad smile doesn’t exist. Just a brave one.”

“I would kill so I could kiss you everyday.”

“I tightened my arms around his neck and put his lips to kiss me harder.”


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